Working with the horse’s own natural support structures, the Legacy2 cradles the fetlock and provides suspensory support without inhibiting movement. Horses are naturally designed
to stop, turn, and accelerate – the Legacy System reinforces these motions and provides protection to the critical structures within the leg.
Extended height of the Tall Hind offers more tendon and suspensory support for horses with longer cannon bones.

Nature’s Design
The extensor branches of the suspensory ligament extend around the back of the
ankle to support the fetlock joint during the weight-bearing phase of the stride.

Legacy2’s Design
The Legacy2 Fetlock Cradle System provides maximum support and protection to the fetlock and lower portion of the leg. It mimics the design of, and therefore reinforces, the ligament it is intended to support.


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Classic Equine Legacy2 Boots - Front & Hinds

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