Developed by a team that has over 20 years experiance in sport boot design, the Dynamic Edge boots by cactus take slink strap technology, tendon and ligament support, and leg protection to a whole new level. 

Dynamic Edge boots are the only boot that offer two completely independent sling straps that pull from a fixed point on the front of the cannon bone. The patent pending "butterfly" straps offer equal amounts of support for both the inner and outer branch of the suspensory ligament.

The fetlock joint needs support while also remaining flexible in order for equine athletes to perform at their highest levels and mobility of the joints while not compromising tendon and ligament needs.

 Cut higher in the back to reduce interference from bell boots while maintaining side protection against crossover injuries. Impact material technology is constantly changing and Dynamic Edge boots are leading the charge. Don't let the sleek design fool you. These boots are loaded with super dense, extremely lightweight, ultra foam that provides unparalleled impact protection. Features; hook and loop closure, bound with lycra for a clean look, and hind boots are 1 1/2" higher on cannon bone.

Sold in Pairs


Small  14-15 HH
Medium 15-16.2 HH
Large 16.2-17.2 HH
X - Large 17.2HH
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Dynamic Edge Sport Boot - Front & Hinds

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