Formula 1 Papaya Stomach Soother is an all natural source of the Papain Enzyme and Fibrin. Papain is a powerful digestive enzyme which plays a key role in digestive processes involving breaking down tough protein fibers. Papain also plays a significant role in the breakdown of toxins. Fibrin is a powerful healing reagent that helps to heal from the inside out and the outside in. Formula 1 Papaya is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich, a natural source of many essential vitamins and minerals, and contains no added sugar.

Soothes Stomach Pain
Promotes GI Regularity
Strengthens Immune System
Made in the USA

Potential Benefits for Gastrointestinal Conditions:

Stomach Ulcers
Stomach soother for horses
Stomach soother for dogs
Leaky Gut
Inflammation in the Stomach Lining
Ulcerative Colitis
Other Potential Benefits for Body Systems:

Dry Cough
Inflammation in Lungs
Inflammation in Urinary Tract

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Formula 1 Papaya Stomach Soother

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