The Smarty Shorty is the latest and greatest in ground dummies. Not only is it fun and realistic, but it's also incredibly durable. You may have to extend bedtime for the kids and husband, as the fun with Shorty never ends! However, make sure you have lights in place for when the sun goes down. Constructed of low density polyethylene, Shorty can withstand all types of weather and lots of abuse. The horn base is the same size as an average steer and the spring loaded legs give a realistic feel when dallying. Smarty put a lot of thought into the design of Shorty and made sure that it was durable, realistic, and fun. You can use the same mechanics on Shorty as you would with Smarty or live cattle, and the polyethylene material makes it strong enough to handle roping without any damage.


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Smarty Shorty

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